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  Since 1896, Germany Dream develop the first oil-free nitrogen compressor, we aims to gas compressor‘s developing & producing, is a famous brand in Germany gas compressor field, major products refer to silent oil-free air compressor, screw air compressor(stationary & mobile type), vacuum pump, roots blower, mobile high pressure air compressor, centrifuge machine, air dryer and so on. Group headquarter located at Dortmund Air End R&D Center, Nordrhein-Westfalen, western Germany, center own international top level precision finishing and testing equipment, make sure equipment satisfy with perfect design.


  Dream (Shanghai) Compressor Co., Ltd found in 2005, is a Sino-German high-tech enterprise in research, development, production and sales. Our company is located in Songjiang District, Shanghai, covering an area of ten thousand square meters with more than 300 employees. We have set up offices in the major provinces and cities. Since Dream (Shanghai) Compressor Co., Ltd found, keep diligently striving toward the development of new technology and promotion of use to ensure that the process closely synchronized with European standards. Our company set up a professional R&D center in Germany. With fully understanding of China market demand and the operation conditions, we take domestic operation design and main components imported from Europe, using European standard production assembly lines. By this, we strictly control the production in Shanghai and the production of spare parts, so that the performance of every air compressor synchronous is up to European standard. Dream (Shanghai) Compressor Co., Ltd. not only provide you high-quality air compressors from minimum 7.5kW to maximum 355kW, but provide matching processing equipment of compressed air. Greatly convenient to users, at the same time, offer quick and professional service.


  At present, Dream (Shanghai) Compressor Co., Ltd base on Shanghai, our products sells to Southeast Asia, Africa, Middle East, Americas and Europe, and refers to Medical, Food, Chemical Industry, Mine, Textile, Spray Coating, Scientific Research, Bottle Blowing, Injection Molding and so on. All the way, with prefect design and good service, our equipment are very popular in domestic and foreign markets.

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